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    No reasons for seasons!

**All Sizes @ Crazy prices**
***All Sizes @ Crazy prices***



Our year round promise ensures you can have tasty melons whatever the season. Tasty melons such as Galia, Cantaloupe, Charentais, Piel De Sapo, YHD and watermelons form the basis of our range. In consultation with our growers it is also possible to offer new melon varieties as specials.

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‘We refresh your world every day, everywhere and every time.’
Joost Schellekens
’销售Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom’
Joost Schellekens, 商务部
Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom
Languages: English / Dutch / German / French | T +31 180 750 517
Esmeralda Hersbach
Esmeralda Hersbach, 管理部门
Languages: | T +31 180-750546
Spinning for Sophia 2016

We participated in the spinning marathon for Sophia again!

Fruit Logistica 2016 Berlin

A new stand, a new concept. And what a success! We were proud to show you our core values and product range through art and we were pleased with the response and the many visits. It was another successful fair! We hope the same is true for you!