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在Jaguar TFC可以找到最可口的法国苹果。除此之外,我们全年都可以供应来自法国、巴西和智利的苹果,以及来自南美、智利、西班牙和法国的传统品种的梨。荷兰梨最近也已经添加到我们的产品目录中了。

‘We refresh your world every day, everywhere and every time.’
Kate Turcan
’销售 ’
Kate Turcan, 商务部
"At Jaguar TFC, customers and producers always come first. This has appealed to me ever since I started working in the company and is why I enjoy working in our Jaguar Team so much"
Languages: Russian / English / Romanian / Dutch | T +31 180-750520
Ed Heijnen
Ed Heijnen, 管理部门
‘Working with motivated colleagues who pursue the same goals with passion’. That's what Jaguar TFC means to me and it's what makes it a company I am happy to work for every day.
Languages: Swedish / English / Dutch / German | T +31 180 750 500
Jaarrond citrus ‘On the way to PlanetProof’

Het vervolg op de jarenlange samenwerking van Jaguar the fresh company en SMK voor de verduurzaming van de AGF-keten voor met name citrus.