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Jaguar TFC是透明包心菜的王者,这源自于我们不间断的供应产自西班牙、荷兰和我们葡萄牙包心菜种植专家的透明包心菜。除此之外,我们还提供来自阿尔梅里亚(西班牙)精心栽培的冬季蔬菜,如灯笼椒、黄瓜、番茄、茄子和绿皮西葫芦。我们的蔬菜同样可以用于工业生产。

‘We refresh your world every day, everywhere and every time.’
Ed Heijnen
Ed Heijnen, 管理部门
‘Working with motivated colleagues who pursue the same goals with passion’. That's what Jaguar TFC means to me and it's what makes it a company I am happy to work for every day.
Languages: Swedish / English / Dutch / German | T +31 180 750 500
Filipe Ravazzini da Silva
Filipe Ravazzini da Silva, 商务部
I always say: we can reach the moon with a rocket, so if you "really" want to, you can do practically anything! So... be passionate, be honest, be yourself and reach for the stars!
Languages: English / Italian / Spanish / Dutch / Portugese / French | T +31 180-750536
Jaarrond citrus ‘On the way to PlanetProof’

Het vervolg op de jarenlange samenwerking van Jaguar the fresh company en SMK voor de verduurzaming van de AGF-keten voor met name citrus.