Every day, everywhere, every time!


Das Team von Jaguar, TFC ist 24 Stunden pro Tag, 7 Tage in der Woche für all Ihre Fragen zu erreichen.

Jaguar The Fresh Company

Handelscentrum ZHZ 50,
2991 LD Barendrecht
Telefoon +31 (0)180 750 500
Telefax +31 (0)180 750 510

Grotere kaart weergeven

‘We refresh your world every day, everywhere and every time.’
Kees Rijnhout
’General Manager’
Kees Rijnhout, Geschäftsleitung
The AGF trade is a haven, its sun is reliability and its moon is honesty. If you hesitate, your fear will grow but if you take a chance, your courage will thrive!
Languages: English / Spanish / Dutch | T +31 180 750 500
Shantie Mohan
’Mitarbeiter Innendienst’
Shantie Mohan, Buchhaltung & Backoffice
In this company we are always in motion and no two days are the same. I find working with my colleagues to collectively reach Jaguar's goals very rewarding!
Languages: English / Dutch / German | T +31 180-750540
Jaarrond citrus ‘On the way to PlanetProof’

Het vervolg op de jarenlange samenwerking van Jaguar the fresh company en SMK voor de verduurzaming van de AGF-keten voor met name citrus.