No reasons for seasons!

**All Sizes @ Crazy prices**
***All Sizes @ Crazy prices***


Harte Früchte  

Die schmackhaftesten französischen Äpfel finden Sie bei Jaguar, TFC. Darüber hinaus haben wir ein ganzjähriges Angebot an Äpfeln aus Frankreich, Brasilien und Chile. 

Neben den traditionellen Birnensorten aus Südafrika, Chile, Spanien und Frankreich sind die holländischen Conference Birnen seit kurzem an unser Sortiment hinzugefügt.

Appel-5 Appel-7
Appel-2 Peer
‘We refresh your world every day, everywhere and every time.’
Kees Rijnhout
Kees Rijnhout, Geschäftsleitung
The AGF trade is a haven, its sun is reliability and its moon is honesty. If you hesitate, your fear will grow but if you take a chance, your courage will thrive!
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Koen Jorissen
Koen Jorissen, Commerce
You may doubt, but don't hesitate.
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Spinning for Sophia 2016

We participated in the spinning marathon for Sophia again!

Fruit Logistica 2016 Berlin

A new stand, a new concept. And what a success! We were proud to show you our core values and product range through art and we were pleased with the response and the many visits. It was another successful fair! We hope the same is true for you!