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Key values  


~ Respect for every party in the (fruit) world.

Experiencing what's important to others. Discovering fruit at source. Seeing results. The beauty of the peel. The soft inside. Individual strength. Valued. With the same objective in mind.


~ High-quality fruit and second-to-none product handling.

Tasting the best that there is. Showing what's possible. What you are right to expect. As part of an intense experience. Proudly setting out to achieve the very highest dimensions. The ultimate, unbeatable standard.


~ Passion for the product, people and worldwide trade.

Conquering the world. With heart and soul. Promoting your business with passion. Wholeheartedly proclaiming your love.  Compelling and sincere. For everyone. 


~ Dedicated to the success of trade and the business.

Fully committed. inspired and passionate. Focusing on success. With the drive to stand out from the colourless mass. Striving to achieve the ultimate ambition.


~ Clear in its partnerships, information and integrity.

Clear lines. Presented in clear contours. A belief in every party. From beginning to end. In individual relationships and in overarching processes. The delicate beauty of trust.

‘We refresh your world every day, everywhere and every time.’
Sven Thomas
’Quality & Foodsafety Specialist’
Sven Thomas, Quality
To me, Jaguar TFC is a perfect step in my career as a SHEQ manager. It is a very professional company that offers lots of opportunities and has a sociable working atmosphere as well.
Languages: English / Dutch / German / Portugese | T +31 180-750526
Leon van der Hoek
’Manager Operations & HR’
Leon van der Hoek, Corporate Human Resources
Excellent people, a healthy drive and full of ambition, this is Jaguar TFC. “If you don't understand people, you don't understand business”
Languages: English / Dutch / German / French | T +31 180 750 576