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Important visit for Jaguar the fresh company

Ridderkerk February 5 , 2014 – Last week the first Ecolabel ceremony took place in South Africa where ambassador Andre Haspels presented the label to four large and growing companies (in total 215 ha) that supply Jaguar, the fresh company. 

This quick one-two between the government and Jaguar came about through IDH mediation, which Jaguar supports in its objective to grow sustainable products in overseas areas. Jaguar has rapidly prepared a project plan in consultation with the famous consultancy firm N&S Quality Consultants and several governments to bring about the creation and implementation of Ecolabel standards in South Africa. An important condition was that it had to be conducted very efficiently, both in terms of money and time. Another condition was that the project must be able to rapidly upscale to other countries and/or product groups. 

The importance of this type of projects is huge for the Dutch government and, in order to emphasise this, Jaguar hosted the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Ms Liliane Ploumen in Ridderkerk for an extensive work visit. She also received one of the first boxes with grapes grown in South Africa accordance with the new Ecolabel protocol with a lot of love and passion from director Kees Rijnhout. 

When saying her farewells, the Minister said she was impressed by the World Food Centre in Ridderkerk, our dynamic industry and the Jaguar, the fresh company itself. She also expressed the wish for more of these types of efficient projects to be established in other areas of the world that still need development and in consultation with the industry.

Een nieuwe stand, een nieuw concept. En wat een succes! Wij waren trots om u onze kern waarden en assortiment te laten zien doormiddel van kunst en wij waren blij met de reacties en de vele bezoeken. Het was weer een succesvolle beurs! Hopelijk gold voor u hetzelfde!

‘We refresh your world every day, everywhere and every time.’
Truus Klootwijk
’Teamleider Administratie’
Truus Klootwijk, Administratie
Geen woorden maar daden!!!!!

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Shantie Mohan
’Medewerker Backoffice’
Shantie Mohan, Administratie
In dit mooie bedrijf dat altijd in beweging is en waar voor mij geen twee dagen hetzelfde zijn, werk ik graag samen met mijn collega's om Jaguars doelen te behalen!
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Spinning for Sophia 2016

We participated in the spinning marathon for Sophia again!

Fruit Logistica 2016 Berlin

A new stand, a new concept. And what a success! We were proud to show you our core values and product range through art and we were pleased with the response and the many visits. It was another successful fair! We hope the same is true for you!