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Jaguar opens her doors in China

Jaguar opens her doors in China On the road for over a year 
In early 2013 we started exploring the possible paths towards the Chinese market. In June of that same year we took the first trip to China to explore the market and the country from a close range. The findings were very positive and the ball started rolling quickly from that point. The Zheijang province, a broad area around Shanghai, was chosen as the first sales area for our products. From a logistical point of view, the goods can be shipped through the modern and fast ports of Ningbo and Shanghai located in that very region. 

In 2013, the first delivery of South African oranges was well received and sold in China. Followed by Chilean cherries, apples, grapes, kiwis and Egyptian oranges. Spanish citrus, Dutch conference pears, kiwis and apples from Italy and Greece will follow in the near future. This first range of products will be delivered to a variety of customers. Besides the traditional wholesale, we are working with retailers, the famous fruit-shop chains (chains that only sell fruit) and the online shops, which are much bigger in China than in Europe. 

Big plans 
China is one of the biggest growth markets for our company. Commercial manager Ed Heijnen shortly sums up the intended goals: "What we want to achieve, together with our global sourcing network, is putting together a high-quality of products that fits the needs of our customers in China. In addition, we also want the Jaguar brand, which is already a great success in Western Europe, to reach equal popularity in China.


The suppliers that our company worldwide has, are also not always accustomed to deliver to China. And this is where Jaguar TFC's directors role comes into play: escorting these global crop flows to China in the areas of transportation, documentation, pricing, quality and packaging. 

High quality demands

Getting to know China was a very positive experience for the team of Jaguar TFC. Kind, friendly people with a sense of humor, trustworthy and eager to set up a business together. But they do this at a level that is very high in terms of requirements and qualities. China is a buyers' market where a huge demand for luxury items exists. Imported fruit is one of those great luxuries that they like to invest in, but the quality that the Chinese customer demands on imported fruit is about two levels higher compared to Europe. And that is something that should be taken into account. 

After the first successful steps are set, it is now a matter of further exploring this new market, discovering opportunities and continuing to grow. With China, we are writing a new chapter in our long history and taking an important step towards the future. 

Introductory visit for suppliers

In 2014 Jaguar TFC took suppliers from Chile, Egypt, Greece and Argentina on a three-day trip through China. By plane, train and metro these people were taken on a tour through the country to become familiar with the market and our customers. Because China is also new territory for these suppliers, these visits 
in particular are of great importance for the mutual teambuilding. 

We value this kind of trips very much. All our supply chain partners are involved, each in their own field of specialism. These trips, which are organized more often, are an important part of our transparent strategy. 

"Jaguar TFC believes it is important, to reinforce that mutual trust. Because in the end you have to be a team to become successful in a big market. We are part of a team together with the client, the logistics provider and the supplier. These parties must do it together. But someone has to coordinate it and we do that with great pleasure. " - says Ed Heijnen.

Een nieuwe stand, een nieuw concept. En wat een succes! Wij waren trots om u onze kern waarden en assortiment te laten zien doormiddel van kunst en wij waren blij met de reacties en de vele bezoeken. Het was weer een succesvolle beurs! Hopelijk gold voor u hetzelfde!

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