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Milieukeur certificate for South African citrusfruit

Milieukeur certificate for South African citrusfruit

June 26 2014 - Jaguar TFC has reached a milestone regarding the project of environment-friendly cultivation in South Africa. As from today all Jaguar's citrusfruit from the South African company ALG officially bears the Dutch environmental quality label Milieukeur certificate.

Milieukeur guarantees sustainably grown products respecting both social as well as environmental conditions of cultivation. 

Regarding the social circumstances, the Milieukeur label guarantees that there is no child labor involved and that the social and cultural provisions for the laborers are good. Every individual laborer also has knowledge of their rights and obligations and receives a wage according to the established collective labor agreement. 

The environmental component guarantees a lower use of pesticides and the prohibition of some potentially harmful pesticides. The biodiversity on and around the growing area is according to standards and the use of water has been substantially cut down. 

Jaguar TFC will continue its passionate efforts on this project with a promise of more environment-friendly products in the future.

Een nieuwe stand, een nieuw concept. En wat een succes! Wij waren trots om u onze kern waarden en assortiment te laten zien doormiddel van kunst en wij waren blij met de reacties en de vele bezoeken. Het was weer een succesvolle beurs! Hopelijk gold voor u hetzelfde!

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