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Spinning for Sophia 2016

Spinning for Sophia 2016 We are proud that this year we once again participated in Sports for Sophia in the spinning marathon. Many participants have worked up a sweat for the Sophia children’s hospital to contribute to the support of preterm infants.
It was especially nice that @xit employee John Polling won a prize by collecting the largest sum of the day. With a contribution of 3000 euros he really earned it.

Een nieuwe stand, een nieuw concept. En wat een succes! Wij waren trots om u onze kern waarden en assortiment te laten zien doormiddel van kunst en wij waren blij met de reacties en de vele bezoeken. Het was weer een succesvolle beurs! Hopelijk gold voor u hetzelfde!

‘We refresh your world every day, everywhere and every time.’
Coco Zhu
Coco Zhu, Commercie
“China, Jaguar is coming. We offer the best fruits.”
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Richard Keuvelaar
Richard Keuvelaar, Administratie
Jaguar is the (credit) Limit!!!

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Spinning for Sophia 2016

We participated in the spinning marathon for Sophia again!

Fruit Logistica 2016 Berlin

A new stand, a new concept. And what a success! We were proud to show you our core values and product range through art and we were pleased with the response and the many visits. It was another successful fair! We hope the same is true for you!