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**All Sizes @ Crazy prices**
***All Sizes @ Crazy prices***



We source demand driven at fair prices and always look for new opportunities and innovation. We build close long-term relationships with our suppliers, keep discovering new growing areas and are involved in the production process from start to finish. This way we make sure our products always meet the demands and the wishes of our clients.

Summer fruit 365 days a year.
With Jaguar 365!  
‘We refresh your world every day, everywhere and every time.’
Kate Turcan
Kate Turcan, Commercie
"Bij Jaguar TFC staan klant en producent op nr. 1. Dit blijft mij sterk aanspreken, sinds mijn eerste werkdag. Daarom werk ik met veel plezier in ons Jaguar Team"
Languages: Russian / English / Romanian / Dutch | T +31 180-750520
Karla Vera de Pablos
’Medewerker Inkoop Backoffice
Karla Vera de Pablos, Administratie
“De juiste balans gaat niet alleen om gedreven mensen, groente en fruit. Mijn missie is het controleren en het communiceren tussen financiën en inkoop, met oog op vooruitgang”
Languages: English / Spanish / Dutch | T +31 180-750573
Spinning for Sophia 2016

We participated in the spinning marathon for Sophia again!

Fruit Logistica 2016 Berlin

A new stand, a new concept. And what a success! We were proud to show you our core values and product range through art and we were pleased with the response and the many visits. It was another successful fair! We hope the same is true for you!